Junior Membership

Northern Golf Club Junior & Cadet Membership



Junior Membership

Here  at  Northern  Golf  Club  we  realise  that Junior  Members  are  our future. 


Our Junior membership offers young golfers the opportunity to play one of Melbourne's best championship courses. With a new practice fairway, chipping  area and  putting green, Northern Golf Club is the perfect place for Juniors to take their golf to  the  next level.  Our Head Professional  Heath  Bensted  and  his  Pro Shop team of PGA  Professionals offer  private  tuition,  junior clinics and club fitting,  and  are  always  willing  to help Juniors with any assistance they need.


2017/18  Fees


The current annual subscriptions for our financial year (1st March to 28th February) are:


     Junior under 12yrs            $118.00

     Junior  (age  12-14)           $236.00

     Junior  (age  15-16)           $354.00

     Junior  (age  17-18)           $472.00

     Junior 19-20 yrs                 $590.00

     Plus Golf Victoria fee $90.00  (Over 18 yrs)  Juniors  $66.00 (18 yrs and under)   and  Member's  Personal  Insurance Plan  $27.00

     House  Levy  $100.00

     No  Entrance Fee for Junior Categories Under 21 years of age.



Once  the   application form is completed an induction  will need  to  be  done  by  the Club before playing.



Cadet Membership

The Club is   currently   offering   a    Cadet   Membership   for   beginners.   This category enables  students under the  age of 14 to  learn golf before joining as  a Junior.


The  Northern  Golf  Club  Junior  Cadet  program  is  a   pathway  for the development  of  young  golfers  before  joining  the   Club  as   a   Junior member. The program focuses on developing  important aspects of the game  such  as  familiarising  Cadets  with  Competitions,  Course Management,  Rules and  Etiquette. This category of membership  is all about helping juniors take the  next step, getting out on the golf course, playing  competitions and  one  day representing  Northern  Golf Club  in Pennant and other events.



Cadet Membership Fees  (12 months from joining date)


    Membership  Fee  .. .. .. .. .. .  .. .   $100.00

    Golf Victoria  Fee   .. .. .  .. .. .  ..    $  66.00

    Member's  Personal  Insurance     $  27.00


Application form for Junior & Cadet Membership: Application for Junior Categories 2017

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